Sabtu, 28 April 2012


AAAH.. back to my lovely blog
it's been a long time since the last time i posted. huh?
well, for now, even though there are so many things that i wan to share, but i want to tell you about my experience in Beijing, China.

i have been gone there for 10 days on 15 April until 25 April .
i got so many experience such as rode the subway and climb the Great Wall 
i also wandered around the forbidden city and went to Wangfujing

waiting for our departure from Jakarta to Beijing

my aunty_Dina_ and i were too tired to do nothing so we bought Baskin Robins ice cream..

see... here we already arrived at the school where we're going to stay for 10days
Lila and I are froze by the weather..
it's so cold

we were invited to a restaurant to have lunch by the principal..
there were so many dishes and we loved it

this photo taken in front of the dorm for girls at 39 middle school in Beijing

the next day we had chinese art class, and went to South Lougo Alley,
but sadly, we didn't take any photo at south lougo alley

the next day, we went to the Great Wall..
i thought it was like Borobobudur with so many stair, but i was wrong
the floor are flat, and you know what? i got vertigo when I was climbingd it, and it was so scary
we got down and buy for some souvenir  before had our lunch at a restaurant and heading back to school

in our way back to school, we drop by at Beijing Olympic Stadium which were used for 
ASEAN Games 2008

there was a practice for a performance sponsored by CocaCola that night,
but unfortunately we can't watch it because we had to go back to school :'(

and todaay we visit Tian'antment, Baijing National Theater and Forbidden city.//

see? there are so many tourist

i'm tired hahaha,,, this place is just to spacious

i don't know why, but people kept touching it, so i did it too hehe

my friends said i kept wondering around alone like this

see? i'm alone again, and actually i went behind that gate, but i can't post the picture here,, hehe

this is.... ummmmm.,,, i forgot :p

and the next day, me, dina, dea, zizah, lila, pandu and ms.tantri visited a school with GAC program like us
it is such a big school..
it has 4 playground and 1 indoor gym.,

and they are so friendly...
not only the students, but also the teacher

they even have these garden inside their school

and even zoo

do you know EXO-M?
do you know LuHan?
LuHan was a student here when he still a student in Beijing
nothing special, he wasn't there either.. 
but i just happy ~^^~

it's time to say goodbye but i hope we can still keep our contact
even though i don't know how.
still waiting~
keep waiting~

get ready for the subway time~

we went to the Beijing Zoo

rest time

giant panda~~ 

Appa and I.. look so pathetic, don't you think?

in my room at the dorm., my new mongkey doll Mozzle and QQ, Pandu's kitten doll and don't forget T-zzle
i'll continue this later...